Friday, July 30, 2010

Afternoon Delight

I call my boss my fairy godmother because she always brightens up my day. Today was no exception! We spent the afternoon sipping mai thais at one of my favorite restaurants downtown called Royal Thai. I love thai food. The spicier the better!! After we ate, we shopped at Zara and H&M for a little retail therapy. I got some super cute black cargo skinny jeans for only $15 at Zara. I also got two tunics and a tank from H&M (shown above). I love them because they are great transitional pieces into the fall. Fall is my favorite time of year for fashion. I love the overall creativity of outfits during the season. Designers put a lot of cozy knits, camel hues, 90’s grunge, and black lace in their fall 2010 lines. But I want to ask my readers: What is your favorite fall look and what will you be wearing this fall? Enjoy the weekend :)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Summer Rain

My boyfriend and I always go for walks around D.C. after work. It started off as any normal evening. We ate, walked, and ended up sitting on a park bench to talk. After two minutes of talking, it begin to drizzle which quickly turned into the biggest torrential downpour I have seen in my life!!! I wanted to scream and run for cover but there was no escaping it. WE WERE SOAKED!!! I really don't like rain, but the situation seemed like something straight out of a movie. I couldn't help but laugh. Right when we finally found shelter, the rain stopped and a rainbow came out. It was as if it never rained in the first place. Despite all the chaos it turned out to be one of those randomly perfect moments.

21 Candles

I love the nightlife and being underage in Washington, D.C is the absolute worst. If you don’t have a fake I.D then you might as well restrict yourself to the random house parties, mall, dinner, or movies. Once I hit 20 I was ITCHING to turn the golden age of 21 so I could break loose from the everyday monotony of it all. I was always too scared to use a fake i.d because knowing how awkward I am there was a large possibility that I would get caught and carted off to jail haha. But a month before my birthday, I decided I needed to man (or woman) up and take a walk on the wild side. I decided to use my older sister’s i.d and buy a drink at a restaurant during a dinner out with my friends one night. I was extremely worried because my sis and I really look nothing alike and because of this I insisted that we choose a table outside so that the waiter could not get a good look at my face. Once settled, I opened the menu and casually ordered a strawberry daiquiri. The waiter then said, “Of course ma’am, I just need to see some I.D.” Upon hearing these words, my heart started racing and I broke into a sweat immediately. I stared at him like a deer caught in headlights and tried to respond in my most confident voice. In my head I thought that the louder I was the more confident I would sound. So I end up screaming at the waiter “OF COURSE I HAVE IDENTIFICATION. LET ME GO AHEAD AND GET THAT FOR YOU SIR!” The waiter was so taken aback by my volume that he scanned my i.d quickly and practically ran away. After this extremely uncomfortable moment, my friends and I decided that maybe I should wait until my birthday to spare myself any more awkward moments than necessary. Needless to say, this birthday was a big day for me and I celebrated V.I.P at Park nightclub in D.C. I danced the night away and celebrated a wonderful new chapter in my life :)

Dress F21; Shoes H&M